If stalking Atlanta-area package delivery and postal vehicles was a sport, I'd have the gold medal.

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My name is Robyn O'Rourke-Pollman. I'm 40-ish, very pale, and have pink undertones. I'm currently transitioning back to my natural blonde hair after dying it dark auburn, and I tend to stick with more "wearing makeup but can't tell" looks when I'm healthy enough to do so (which unfortunately is not very often right now). I am not bold or experimental with cosmetics. I don't use highlighters or bronzers. I prefer lipgloss to lipstick, but do wear both the rare times I can. About the only thing I will not trade for is black mascara and eyeliner, false eyelashes, and super dark eye, cheek & lip products.

You may have known me during my former online lives at Professional Photographer Magazine, buttonsandbowsphotography.com, paperieboutique.com, shutterblog.com, tampatantrum.com, and Flickr.

These days I'm just a SAHM (aka "girl of reduced social responsibility"), un connaisseur de vernis à ongles, and a swap-aholic. I consider myself a top yoga pant and ironic t-shirt domestic fashion influencer ('40-something' category), and I'm a former Chinese Drywall home product tester & subsequent medical trial-and-research subject. My hobbies include photography, cooking, dusting the house in my tiara, the OU Sooners football team, and hoarding pretty packaging supplies. (Not necessarily in that order.) I have a passion for politics, the inability to return e-mails in a timely manner, and an irrational fear of mariachi bands that dates back to childhood. I was the type of 'mom-to-be' that not only played classical music, but also Weezer, to my sons in utero. You know, for balance. Last but not least, I consistently achieve a SleepIQ™ Score of under 40.

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[home manicure]

Please Return to Tiffany & Co. - China Glaze nail polish in "For Audrey" with striping tape.

These are far from professional manicures. It's something I love and I'm learning as I go...


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